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Call J.R. Anderson to Solve Your Sewer or Drain Problem

At J.R. Anderson & Daughter Pressure Washing & Sewer & Drain Services, we are usually called upon in a more frantic manner than our residential and commercial pressure washing, but we are always here to help you.

Do not try to handle the problem yourself. Call us at (207) 565-2718 today.

We Can Handle Any
Sewer & Drain Emergency

When homeowners or business owners are without their water or sewer it is never good, but J.R. Anderson and his crew can handle all of your sewer and drain problems, including emergencies, regular cleaning, inspections and repairs.

Check Out Sewer & Drain Services We Offer

J.R. Anderson’s trustworthy, expert technicians will be there when you need us, ready to diagnose your problems and provide professional sewer and water line services to solve them quickly. We even have a fiber-optic video camera to check out problems throughout the entire line all the way to and including the septic tank. This camera unit is one of our most valuable tools. It is a specially made waterproof camera that travels through the pipe, allowing for a visual inspection or sewer or drain lines that are underground.

Our Real-Time Video & Depth Recorder Extremely Helpful

Through real-time video transmission, we are able to inspect and analyze the condition of the inside of the pipe and understand any existing or potential problems. The camera unit has a depth recorder on it so we are able to accurately find the physical location of any hindrances such as a break, puncture or misalignment in the line. Other hindrances that we are able to identify and locate include but are not limited to root intrusion, grease buildup, leaks and obstructions.

We also have a fully sanitary water line transmitter that we use to locate and track the path of your waterline all the way back to your well or main city line. Here are some of the sewer and drain cleaning services that we have provided over the years:

  • Locating water lines and wells
  • Locating sewer lines and septic tanks
  • Sewer line unclogging and cleaning
  • Shower and tub drain unclogging and cleaning
  • Bathroom and kitchen sink drain unclogging and cleaning
  • Floor drains unclogging and cleaning
  • Perimeter drains unclogging and cleaning
  • Septic tank unclogging and cleaning
  • Leach field unclogging and cleaning
  • Water and sewer line thawing
  • Root removal
  • Grease trap cleaning
  • Culvert cleaning
  • Septic line and tank inspections
  • Septic line and tank fiber-optic video camera inspections

Highest Standards With Experience You Can Trust

J.R. Anderson & Daughter Pressure Washing & Sewer & Drain Services has more than 25 years of experience to provide you with elevated service and ensure the highest standards of quality. We have the experience cleaning the things that you love to see clean and unclogging the things that you need cleared right away. We have the equipment, knowledge and experience to get your job done successfully.